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Today is the last day to call for a Special Council Meeting to place ballot initiatives/charter amendments, for inclusion this November in the general election.

In my opinion, if another vote were to be taken on the rail project, rail would be defeated and more superior, less expensive forms of traffic relief would be deployed as a result.

I, nor the council, could put on the ballot a straight up or down vote on rail since both the steel wheel and HART charter amendments would have to be repealed first. That is the procedure.

That is why in November of 2011, I facilitated the maneuver to have steel wheels on steel rails repealed. The vote on my ballot initiative to let you decide, to let you have an opportunity to stop the rail project, was defeated by a vote of 7-2.

Subsequently, earlier this month, the only alternative left to let you weight in, to let you have a voice and show this council you have indeed changed your mind on this rail endeavor, was to repeal HART of which that ballot initiative was also defeated.

If by the end of business day today, Chair Ernie Martin does not schedule a Special Council Meeting for May 24, and have an agenda item to put rail back on the ballot, all opportunities to get rail back on the ballot in the 2012 election cycle will be lost. The deadline to meet sunshine law and have a ballot measure posted, is today, and all ballot initiatives must have had at least one reading by May 24.

It was my duty and obligation to advance your right to change your mind; for you should in my opinion, have the right to object to the rail or solidify your support for it. The vote in 2008 was a sham, period. We deserve another vote.

For those elected officials who are pro-rail, it is of my opinion that you should have at the very least, supported my two attempts to get rail back on the ballot. I believe the majority of the constituents of each House and Senate district that are contained in Council District One, do not want this rail anymore- not because they are against rail, but because of all of the surrounding factors of deceit, misrepresentations, and follies orchestrated by the pro-rail faction to manipulate the facts.

To my constituents, I have done everything in my power to put rail back on the ballot so you can be in command, so you can dictate the future, so you can have the last word. Unfortunately, not one elected official in Council District One would back up my attempts to put you in the driver seat. Reps Kymberly Pine, Sharon Har, Jo Jordan, Karen Awana, and Rida Cabanilla, all support moving rail forward and do not want you to have another vote. The same with our Senators- Mike Gabbard and Will Espero.

In conclusion, if you want another say on this rail matter, please let me know what you want me to do- I have exhausted the ballot initiative route . . . in the meantime, I will be voting no to all bills to fund rail.


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