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The rail project gets sloppier by the day. The "pushers" of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) are to blame for this mess- because it was rammed through and rushed without regard for the fact that superior transit technology is available. Furthermore, the impact on historical sites and burials could have been avoided. And when it was rushed through, lawsuits sprouted up calling out the process as flawed.

This document is the smoking gun - click here to see it. What this is, is a list of State Legislators who demanded then Governor Linda Lingle ram the FEIS through and sign off on it - no matter how flawed it was. Please take a moment to read the names in this document.

So when you think of the $10 million a month being wasted right now to not build rail - the cost overruns, the delay claims, the State of Hawaii Supreme Court ruling, think of the signatories that signed this letter demanding Governor Lingle be reckless and that she support this rail project regardless of costs, lawsuits, and other financial ramifications that could arise.

Here is a three-minute youtube that captures one of the aftermaths - one example of the legislators' demand letter that favored skirting the law, and disrespecting iwi kupuna . . . which now is costing us $10 million a month due to rushing the FEIS through before it was fully vetted, debated, and examined by the public at-large.


Remember now, when the public got to vote on steel wheels on steel rails in 2008, the Draft EIS was released only days before the election . . . did you read it before you voted?

As always, I offer alternatives and solutions. Please watch this to counter the lies from rail proponents that BRT is not an option:



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