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When it comes to tsunami or earthquake warnings, and we are to evacuate, why aren't the traffic signals synchronized/manipulated for emergency programming to allow for swift and efficient flow of traffic on the main arteries? Why does Waikiki get HPD officers to direct their traffic while our entire coastline from Ewa Beach to Makaha is a free-for-all - fend for yourself approach?

Now - what the media and HART won't tell you:

If rail were actually on the landscape, in operation, it shuts down when the first warning siren sounds. Rail will not move one person, will not mobilize emergency personnel, let alone transfer one roll of toilet paper or a bottle of water in any emergency scenario from point to point. Once the authorities sound the warning sirens, rail if up and running, will not be active, but rather, inoperative. This is one of the most important objections I have made on the council representing you that I can make- that a $5.3 billion dollar rail system, is worthless in times of emergencies . . . rail serves nothing when we need transportation the most.

For example:
Imagine the 116,000 riders that HART states will ride the rail daily - actually took the rail to work - and at 10 a.m., on a weekday, those 116,000 tried to get home to prepare for an evacuation - to be with family . . . they would all be trapped! No way home! The rail is shut-down in emergencies - by design, a mandatory procedure practiced by government throughout the country.

Buses on the other hand, would function! A Bus Rapid Transit system - will serve all of us in times of emergencies whereas rail is worthless in such scenario.

NOTE: The emergency evacuation route through Kolekole Pass is closed for the Leeward Coast - and is expected to be opened by March of 2013.



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