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The full council will convene on November 14 - to see the agenda, please click here.

I have two measures to be voted on next Wednesday - one is Resolution 12-269 that is up for adoption. This reso attempts to draw attention to how labor unions - some of them, have lost their way, no longer fighting to improve their own workplace environments, but rather using their union dues to control public elections on many fronts . . . as we just witnessed.

The second measure I introduced is Bill 57 FD1 which is up for second reading. The crux of this bill is about the city expending some $2.3 million a year to the Hawaiian Humane Society to predominately euthanize cats and dogs - tens of thousands of them per year, which is performed outside of public view. My bill if passed, would permit the public to intervene and be allowed to adopt the animals about to be put into the oven for disposal, so long as the person making the rescue spays or neuters the animal. For many dogs and cats that are either trapped or surrendered by their owner to be euthanized, the animal's only crime is being alive, and this bill gives those creatures without a voice, without representation, a chance at a "stay of execution."

For the morning honorary certificate presentations, starting at 8:30 a.m., I will be presenting a certificate to Dr. Panos Prevedouros (Professor of Civil Engineering at UH Manoa) honoring him for his many achievements. An example of his dedication can be found on his blog - FIX OAHU.

My last full council meeting representing District One, will take place on December 5. I am to vacate the office at the end of the year. However, before all that comes to an end, as Chair of the Parks and Cultural Affairs Committee, I will be holding a committee hearing on November 27. Stay tuned!


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