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On this Veterans Day, I have heard many speak up about how the military service of past and present fought for a society to prosper where every vote counts in equal fashion on Election Day.

Some radio and television spots ran public service announcements that every vote counts and it was our duty and obligation to vote! Get out the vote - no grumble - please vote and be counted - be heard - was the mantra of the day. And in response to the calling that all of us should vote, what did our State Elections Office do? Not make enough ballots, deliver the wrong ballots, in the wrong language, for the wrong districts . . . are you outraged like I am?

Tens of thousands of citizens could not vote, did not vote, and were hassled by design, by orchestration, by plan, by coyness and deceitful schemes that warrant something more be done than what is transpiring- which is actually nothing by state leaders, to preserve the integrity of our voting process. In some circles, they call it- “Disenfranchised.”

Why go to the polls if by 10:00 a.m., on election day, the polling place you are assigned to has run out of ballots? The law affords us each with two-hours off from our work place to vote, yet, at some polling places, ballots never came within that period, forcing citizens to forgo their right to vote.

So, since the Office of Elections is run by the State, and not the counties, my ability to impact change and investigate the follies is moot to a degree.

Please consider responding to my questions - how do you want government to respond to this travesty? Please email me back with your answers - and I will share them under NEW BUSINESS at the November 14, 2012 City Council hearing if afforded the opportunity to speak out on this:

  1. Do the election over
  2. Fire all Office of Election personnel
  3. Put the Office of Elections back into the jurisdiction of the Lieutenant Governor’s Office
  4. All of the above


What is your recommendation? Certainly, Hawaii ran a shoddy Primary Election on the Big Island - got exposed and called out for it, and then in response, it (the Office of Elections Office) culminated with more shenanigans at the General Election. “Heads should roll” say many . . . and for the Veterans that served, sacrificed, we owe them clean, scandal-free elections at the very least . . . that we, as one Nation, under God, with Liberty for all, uphold our end of the bargain, and do our elections with pride, honor, efficiency, and most of all, competency. We are lacking proper protocol on all fronts as witnessed first hand by thousands who could not vote in a timely fashion, and to do nothing, is not an option in my opinion.


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