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You ready for this - the Honolulu City Council will be voting this Thursday (see agenda here) to accept or not the federal grant allotment for the rail system . . . $1.55 billion.

I will be voting NO to resolution 12-322 not because I am against the rail, but rather, it is more important we fund our sewer and water repairs first . . . if money were falling out of the sky, then we could afford to tunnel a new road, and build rail without question to how we see fit to appease all, etc. If having to make a choice, would you rather be able to flush your toilet or ride the rail?

What say you? In order to fix our sewers and water mains, your fees are going to skyrocket . . . if you favor rail, your property taxes will go up to fund rail . . . period. This vote to be taken up on Thursday, is your chance to make a stand- and be heard - weigh in. If you are against the rail, or for the rail, you should show up and and explain why!



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