The TOM BERG FOR COUNCIL effort has come under attack by Kym Pine and her supporters.

Recently, Kym Pine sent out a press release requesting Councilman Tom Berg resign. If you know Tom, you know there is a reason behind his actions and this 2-minute news story from Hawaii News Now television explains it:

It's time to set the record straight!

The following are just a few examples of Kym Pine lying to promote herself and deceive the voters in order to perpetuate her personal quest for power...


Kym Pine in 2006 was a member of the House Finance Committee and voted yes to the Budget Bill that year to remove all funding for the North South Road! She got caught voting against this traffic relief measure and covered it up by blaming Democrats when it was Pine herself who cast the vote...

The Evidence of Pine's Untruthfulness - see it here

In Pine's 8-years in office serving in the State House of Representatives, Pine was not able to get one bill that she authored as the First Primary Introducer passed!


Pine continues to deceive the voters and claim she passed over 100 bills of hers and more recently, a cybercrime bill.

Pine's support for a cybercrime bill made national news as a threat to our freedom! Pine's quest, if it became law, would have permitted government the ability to track and record every website visited by all online users. Pine's plan was REJECTED!

On other cybercrime bills that did pass into law, Pine's signature as even a co-sponsor is absent- she was not even a co-sponsor but Pine has put out numerous press releases as if she passed something herself that she authored.

Pine's record of not getting one bill that she authored passed in 8-years of office-- STANDS.

Hawaii law to spy on web users


Pine went on the Hawaii News Now television program on August 17, 2012, proclaiming she created a rewards program that paid citizens for reporting illegal dumping activities while she was at the Legislature. This program did not get created during her tenure at the Legislature and no documentation exists that substantiates her claim!

During the campaign season, please be aware of misinformation and deceit being cast by the Kym Pine camp.


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